All too often BID managers complain that after all their hard work the BID’s message can still reach deaf ears. So what to do about it?

Marketing Innovation Ltd will create a direct channel of communication with your businesses.  We make them aware of your successes, inform them of the BID’s future plans, and find out how they value your impact on footfall and the visitor experience. The service is professionally delivered by phone and social media by our team in Loughborough.

This provides great feedback which can be used by the BID to inform the campaign on the ground allowing your message to be adjusted in the build up to the vote. Also, this is a two way communication channel through which businesses can air their views and receive information.

Taking readings of business opinions is important at all stages, but especially on the road to renewal. Why is this?

  • It is crucial that BIDs take accurate readings so they know the mood of business and can take tactical measures if/when these are needed.
  • We provide well timed interventions to engage businesses and provide you with feedback so promotional efforts are directed with accuracy to ensure businesses are on side and positive to the BID.

If you would like to discuss your BID with one of our team members, call today on 01509 219002