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Is it makeover or meltdown time?

The one sure bet as we approach July is that marketers at this time get squeaky bum syndrome over marketing plans signed off early year that are not cutting the mustard. The other certainty is that our air conditioning falters as summer temperatures hit the early 30’s. So what to do? The air con issue is quite simple – get a […]

Marketing strategies – Expediency or what?

Marketing strategies 30 years in business has taught me not to be complacent. In marketing it’s easy to fall into the trap of following the same old routines. Mix it. Everyone is pushing Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In to boost company’s ratings, but these can soon feel like an old pair of shoes – so what more can you do? Ask the […]

Is your BID message getting through?

All too often BID managers complain that after all their hard work the BID’s message can still reach deaf ears. So what to do about it? Marketing Innovation Ltd will create a direct channel of communication with your businesses.  We make them aware of your successes, inform them of the BID’s future plans, and find out how they value your impact on […]

The Fight from Online!

In the blink of an eye it seems that in the agricultural sector we are back to discovering the joys of personal service. That’s not to say that online has not been a huge hit buying and selling stock and equipment but in farm research there has been less appetite by farmers for taking part in online studies. It makes you […]

Principles of the Marketing Mix (The 4 P’s)

This blog outlines the principles of the Marketing Mix (the 4 P’s) and its implications for business. Those who apply the principles leverage greater market share and appeal to B2B and B2C markets. All brands – large and small – can appeal to different customers with intelligent use of the 4 P’s, or the 7 P’s as they are sometimes known […]

Retaining customer loyalty

Keep in touch with your customers expectations to retain their loyalty.   The best companies with the finest products can lose touch with their loyal customers. Disenchantment, or being lured in by a competitors extra discount or better product or service can push people away. What do you do when this happens? Do you go out and look for more customers, launch new products, […]

Campaign Assessments YouTube video

Paul Lockton discusses the importance of managing your campaigns and reaching your audiences whether you are a small, medium or large sized company. […]

The ABC of Marketing

Successful marketing is one thing, but are we not always reaching for the next goal or target? The ABC of marketing are the foundations to everything, without them nothing will happen. However foundations only get you so far, so what are the building blocks.             “Every company thinks of themselves of having a USP, but if everyone has something unique then the […]

So are we out of Recession?

Following months of negative commentary, national TV and press,  like estate agents, are trying to convince us that the economy has turned the corner and the recession has ended. My suspicion is this euphoria could again be the ‘London Effect’ whilst businesses elsewhere may be less convinced about the economy bouncing back never mind the recession bottoming out. How do you feel? I […]

Call of Market Research or Super Marketing Bros.m

It’s Friday, and so of course, some staff’s minds are turning to the weekend. A recreation of choice for some of the hard workers here at Marketing Innovation is playing video games…and that got us thinking. What is Market Research like in the video games industry?   On internet forums and communities for gamers, one of the common complaints is the stagnation […]