Not a True ComparisonUnderstanding your customers needs is one thing, but how well do customers perceive your service?  Do you offer apples, but your customers believe you sell oranges?

Do you really know what customers experience when they come to you for help or seek information about your services. No matter how much you try to second guess what’s in buyers minds, there is no one better qualified to comment than shoppers themselves.
How can you start to understand your customer’s perceptions? Sometimes it’s one of those things we take for granted, of course our clients know what we do…don’t they?
Mystery shopping is an excellent way to find out how well your service measures up. How customers perceive your service says much about your corporate philosophy and the quality of your staff training. Mystery shopping uncovers hard truths and often reveals some surprises about customer behaviour that help management plan improvement.
Service monitoring and customer satisfaction surveys keep a finger on the pulse of the most important person in the organization – customers. Simulated shopping puts the spotlight on negative and positive behaviour of both staff and customers. The results can be then help develop focused training to improve and define customer service standards in the future .
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