learning and skills tracking

Education and Skills Tracking

Marketing Innovation Ltd has an extensive record in educational and skills research for over 10 years and has been involved with learner progression and destination studies for 14-19 and 19 plus since 2002. We now offer colleges of further education a cost effective and efficient solution to the collection of destination data from learners completing a course to comply with funding body requirements.

How we deliver

  1. An efficient telephone based tracking service from our call centre which establishes learner destinations following course completion to meet your obligations under funding regulations.
  1. Annual surveys by academic year to track outcomes from 16-19 and 19 + cohorts on full and part time courses according to year/phase and deliver timely data as per your timetable.
  1. Raw data in spreadsheet detailing the results for each college and course achieving a high rate of return and provide statistical analysis tables collating results for your curriculum teams
  1. We give a personal, customer-friendly service meeting industry standards and regulations in regard to the Data Protection Act and the Privacy Electronic Communications Act.

Our skills and facilities

  • A professional team of 8 researchers lead by experienced project managers
  • High capacity call centre equipped with the latest Cati technology
  • 10 years of consultancy experience in learner tracking and skills audits
  • Working knowledge of the relevant ILR’s for FE and WBL
  • Familiarity with the policy context (eg Leitch, Sector Skills, small business)
  • Full service capability (survey design, fieldwork, data entry and reporting)
  • Facilities for face to face, focus groups, and depth interviews


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