March 14th  saw the launch of Enterprising Leicester grant scheme that provides generous funding for ambitious businesses seeking support for growth. Businesses that qualify can receive up to £250000 under this scheme.

Your business may qualify for the scheme:

  • if you are in B2B and have a sound plan for job or growth creation
  • if you are an independent business based in Leicester employing less than 250
  • if you can fund half the cost of activities funded by the scheme
  • if you implement your project and claim back your grant before 31st May 2015

Marketing Innovation Ltd can help you make the most of your entitlement and plan how best to apply for it.

Imagine how £25k could transform your business –

  • Develop new products and services
  • Find new customers
  • Create new marketing materials
  • Boost production capacity
  • Renew IT systems/software
  • Develop website/online sales
  • Franchise the business
  • Build a stronger team
  • Implementation of plans

How we can help

If you are thinking of the above, Marketing Innovation Ltd will help you explore the feasibility. We will also advise you on the likelihood of receiving funding for your project and will help you with your marketing of business plan if you do not have one

Why a grant?

When firms need help to fund or deliver growth a grant can provide the impetus to achieve or accelerate the delivery. The funding expires mid 2015 so early application is advisable and it’s ‘first come first served’. Vetting is quick, straight forwar, with minimum paperwork.

Why Marketing Innovation Ltd?

Marketing Innovation Ltd has 30 years experience offering a wide range of services from planning and research to the creative. We act to move your plans swiftly forward with professionalism and care. We have helped many others through the process so your application will be in our safe hands.

What will it cost?

The Enterprising Leicester Grant funds 50% so if your project costs £20000 you will cover £10000. Grants are usually non repayable. Our upfront fee for preparing applications is a flat rate of £495, plus vat. This reduces to £250, plus vat, if we help with the business plan.

How will I pay for it?

You will pay suppliers the full cost of marketing and other services included in the project covered by the grant. On completion you reclaim 50% of the costs through the grant. You may spread the cost over several months but all claims must be made by the 31st May 2015

Contact Marketing Innovation on 01509 219002 and talk to Paul Lockton for more information