In the blink of an eye it seems that in the agricultural sector we are back to discovering the joys of personal service.

That’s not to say that online has not been a huge hit buying and selling stock and equipment but in farm research there has been less appetite by farmers for taking part in online studies. It makes you think why?

The fact is many older people prefer to give opinions face to face or on the phone simply because it is more personal. Researching other markets like textiles we found some sound economic reasons where online buyers caught by postal charges have switched back to serviced sale. Does this signal a warning? Not really. It’s a case of ‘horses for courses’ and that we make different choices. Will it halt the march of technology? Not in the slightest – but it just takes a while for the penny to drop!


Is crop protection still the buzz?

Going back to the last wet weather, crop protection literally had a field day. This encouraged those making crop protection product to invest in new formulations and also to carry out  user experience surveys to assess the value of newer formulations.  Our impression is that changing weather patterns  not only have a direct impact on product preferences but also impact the demand for research into the efficacy of same. Talk to us about phone or field  studies to probe brand choice.


Plants know the answers!

I have just re read an article published by Farming online a few editions back that scientists have discovered that plants are a lot more intelligent than we know then to be. Apparently they make their own decisions about survival and how to cope with pests. Does this mark the demise of the agronomist?