Not sure if grants are for you?

When Government offers support grants to business one of the first questions businesses ask is “They offering me money, so what is the catch?”


With the Enterprising grant schemes there seem to be few catches, and so long as a business meets the criteria there is every reason to be optimistic of receiving support. Another concern businesses can have is about applying for a grant and the amount of ‘red tape’.

The good news is that the Enterprise grant schemes for city or county based businesses are pretty straight forward and involve the minimum of paperwork. There is an online Expression of Interest form to submit to get your scheme initially vetted, followed by a full application with supplier quotations to move things forward.

Lastly, for those who worry lest the grant be withdrawn or has to be repaid, in most cases there is no repayment of the grant however businesses do have to cover their of the project cost which might be 40% or 50% depending on where your businesses is located.

March 14th  saw the launch of Enterprising Leicester Grant Scheme that provides generous funding for ambitious businesses seeking support for growth. Businesses that qualify can receive up to £25,000 under this scheme.

Your business may qualify for the scheme:

  • if you are in B2B and have a sound plan for job or growth creation
  • if you are an independent business based in Leicester employing less than 250
  • if you can fund half the cost of activities funded by the scheme
  • if you implement your project and claim back your grant before 31st May 2015

Marketing Innovation Ltd can assist you with your grant application. Contact Paul Lockton 01509 219002 for more information.