1118_WVeducate1-300x200We all get the new updates and articles on the ‘Top 10 Books in Marketing’ or ‘The Best 100 Books for Your Business’, usually thrown around to increase the popularity or to publicize the few that make it into the ‘Top 3’.  A quick trawl through Amazon gives over 400,000 titles listed under Marketing & Sales. Which is great, for a few authors. However, digging deeper, it becomes apparent that these books aimed at CEO’s and Marketing Manager’s alike don’t really focus on Market Research.

Books that do offer high quality, well laid out thoughts, comparisons, examples and analysis into the often misunderstood world of Market Research tends to be under the guise of the ‘text book’, offering an insight into the practise and methodology of the Market Research specialist. All in all, the best tend to be very academic, with few hints and tips on how to excel within this area.

On a broader level, market research titles tend to be bundled up within the whole ‘Sales and Marketing’ category which, to us here at Marketing Innovation, tends to misinterpret what good market research is truly about. Those in the ‘Best Seller’ list of titles tend to be a mixture of business psychology and common sense observations. Which pretty much sums up a lot of people’s idea of market research…those who aren’t doing it right anyhow.

Looking through the book titles and reviews offers up a keen observation into what market research is really about past the academic and into the ‘real world’. It’s about understanding, communicating, consulting and analysing what all of your stakeholders need both now and into the future. You can’t get that sort of in-depth understanding from a few book titles offering your Marketing team Zen-Like-Ninja abilities by chapter 4. Good market research is a long term exploration into your customers wants and needs, and is a two-way process. It’s also not just an add-on to Sales and Marketing, it needs it’s own expertise.

So, next time someone informs you of a ‘top 10 title that’s a must-read‘, take it with a pinch of salt. Consult the experts and don’t rely on jargon and buzz-words that exist just to put it on the top of a bookseller’s newest releases. As one review quote says, ‘Don’t fall into the robotic trap of believing everything you read, take what is good from this book and digest it with all your marketing and common sense wisdom.’

Or alternatively, give us a call to sort out all of you Market Research needs and advice.