A customer’s experience is the qualitative aspect of any interaction that an individual has with a business, and its products or services.


Today, more than ever, customers can provide feedback via a multitude of channels with social media platforms increasingly providing ease and immediacy, be it Twitter, Facebook, Trip Advisor etc. A quick review of any company’s social media and more typical feedback channels highlight the polarisation of opinions that are gathered in this way.

Customers tend to make the effort to contact a company when they have experienced something exceptional, be it outstanding or poor service. This feedback is useful and important but can lack constructive and objective content. Mystery shopping your business ensures you have access to the breadth of objective customer experience that lies between outstanding and poor service.

A tailored mystery shopping programme also gives you the insight to measure the success of specific key performance indicators or business objectives. Often mystery shopping programmes are linked to staff performance bonuses and personal development plans. This is an effective way of increasing staff engagement into the concept of customer experience.

Mystery shopping is one of three  evaluation tools that provide to help clients to monitor their service performance in the public sector, the other methods being exit surveys and Observation.

A mystery shopping service is comprehensive and provides checks to services delivered over the counter, telephone, and digitally. The monitoring is carried out during face-to-face, telephone, and web based interactions with staff using experienced shoppers with high levels of reliability, accuracy and low risk of detection. Processes capture and deliver data quickly so that service recommendations and interventions can rapidly follow.

Mystery shoppers objectively measure customer service against key Performance Indicators. The information captured, coupled with years of experience with customer service, give you the opportunity to:

  • Increase sales performance                                                                         
  • Stay ahead of your rivals
  • Improve the service you provide                                                                   
  • Maximise customer loyalty 

Understanding your customers experience is vital for your business to improve its service proposition. Mystery shopping can play a key role in delivering the information that will help your business achieve its goals and objectives. Mystery shopping reports highlight opportunities to increase performance in sales, service and details areas that training and further support could be a benefit.