budgetcutIn these times of austerity we are all looking to save, Mr Cameron is taking some flack for trying to sort out the country, budgets are expected to work harder to get their results, those behind working the budgets are working even harder than the budgets.

How can we optimise our performance levels? How do we engage people into all pulling in together and working as a team? There are less incentives to give out, so what do we see as an incentive? It’s the future of the business, surviving against all odds that should be the prize.
There are tough measures to stick to, job losses, clients lost, partners going bankrupt. But it is not all doom and gloom: Marketing Innovation Ltd offers new clients the opportunity of a Free Research Review.
Marketing Innovation Ltd will provide you with a visit to your company between March 29th  to April  26th 2013 and you will receive a half day review of your research needs from a senior consultant.
Companies should not be stalling their Marketing budget, instead they should be keen to explore new avenues and revenue strings. Our research review will help you define your business strategy and work out an effective research plan. Whether you want to test your customer service levels, seek new markets, or test new product concepts, Marketing Innovation Ltd will be sure to give you the right advice and guidance.
We feel that this is a fresh approach to doing business, it’s a chance to meet and get up close and personal with your team and company infrastructure. If you would like to receive more information please contact us on: 01509 219002 alternatively you can email us at [email protected]