Do you seek a research partner qualified in marketing, brand positioning, concept testing, and customer satisfaction, and a partner who gives valuable marketing advice? If you do we deliver quantitative and qualitative research solutions that come with expert market knowledge and a healthy understanding of your objectives.

Field interviews

Social research is undertaken throughout the UK through our large network of MRS trained researchers fully supervised. Our senior researchers are experienced in executive interviews for a wide variety of business.

Cati/Telephone Interviews

Our high capacity call centre is equipped with the latest CATI software able to handle multiple surveys for business, consumer, or public services. Our data processing unit provides coding and analysis for surveys in a range of software.

Online and electronic surveys 

Online surveys are expertly programmed and hosted on our web space or yours with data securely captured. These offer a quick and cost effective method of data capture.

Focus Groups 

Focus groups are delivered by experienced recruiters and moderators in all areas with hosting, recording/play back with client viewing. Specialist groups are provided in farming and veterinary sectors.

Mystery Shopping

How customers perceive your service says much about your organisation and your staff training. Our programmes offer face-to face, phone, and electronic assessments that reveal hard truths about customer behaviour to help management plan service improvements. Read more on mystery shopping

Database cleansing

Updating of databases is essential to keeping in touch with the right people via email and social media campaigns. That is why we provide continuous cleansing of our clients databases. Work is undertaken through web and telephone enquiries.

What do you need to know?

Behind every genius marketing campaign should be some inspired research. Marketers should know their customers and the market inside out. That’s where we come in!

Our market research informs great marketing communications, customer satisfaction, and marketing campaigns in both public and private sectors. We match this with expert marketing advice to help clients interpret the data – a perfect fit for those wanting more than numbers and pretty pictures.

Thanks for this great piece of work. We’re looking forward to using the information to influence providers and inform our programme decision making in A&CL.  Deborah Sullivan, Staffordshire County Council

Marketing Innovation Ltd is an accredited research partner to private companies, local authorities, the police, NHS, and BID’s, and is a preferred supplier to three European institutes.


Our team has research experience in a range of markets and sectors

Agriculture and animal health

Our research experience in agriculture goes back 15 years. Over 30 large quantitative projects have been carried out in the UK in the last 2 years covering cereals, arable, dairy and beef with projects in crop protection, farm machinery, and supplies.

Animal health

Our research experience in animal health care is also extensive. We have undertaken UK surveys with small and large animal vets on various studies. For defra Animal Health Division we conduct customer service evaluations.

Public and local health services

Marketing Innovation Ltd offers research that provide local authority Public Health departments with valuable insights into public awareness on many health issues. We work with authorities at many levels: customer satisfaction, service reviews, staff surveys, budgetary consultation, and perceptions studies – and we also have experience in many different services.

Business improvement districts

Our experience with BIDs in many areas means that we offer proven services to meet the needs of new and existing BIDs, and those anticipating. We bring proven methods for telephone, face-to-face, online, and focus groups, and offer professional advice and project management to ensure success.

Our clients