Following months of negative commentary, national TV and press,  like estate agents, are trying to convince us that the economy has turned the corner and the recession has ended.

My suspicion is this euphoria could again be the ‘London Effect’ whilst businesses elsewhere may be less convinced about the economy bouncing back never mind the recession bottoming out.

How do you feel?

I network a fair amount and I have found that retailers and businesses based outside of London still harbour negativities about prospects for growth in the local economy. Fewer still seem content that Portas, Grimsey, or  Vince Cable have nailed the problem.

Being a market research csil2ompany I have decided to carry out a straw poll through Linked in and I am encouraging all my connections and others besides to answer two questions:-

Do you see signs that we are out of recession?      Yes     No

Has spending on marketing recovered                       Yes     No

If you want to comment further or add content to back our case add your views here or do give me a call 01509219002 or leave your comments on here.