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Campaign Assessments YouTube video

Paul Lockton discusses the importance of managing your campaigns and reaching your audiences whether you are a small, medium or large sized company. http://youtu.be/WqURUqTOl94 […]

The ABC of Marketing

Successful marketing is one thing, but are we not always reaching for the next goal or target? The ABC of marketing are the foundations to everything, without them nothing will happen. However foundations only get you so far, so what are the building blocks.             “Every company thinks of themselves of having a USP, but if everyone has something unique then the […]

Call of Market Research or Super Marketing Bros.m

It’s Friday, and so of course, some staff’s minds are turning to the weekend. A recreation of choice for some of the hard workers here at Marketing Innovation is playing video games…and that got us thinking. What is Market Research like in the video games industry?   On internet forums and communities for gamers, one of the common complaints is the stagnation […]

Market Research b(u)y the book?

We all get the new updates and articles on the ‘Top 10 Books in Marketing’ or ‘The Best 100 Books for Your Business’, usually thrown around to increase the popularity or to publicize the few that make it into the ‘Top 3’.  A quick trawl through Amazon gives over 400,000 titles listed under Marketing & Sales. Which is great, for […]