Successful marketing is one thing, but are we not always reaching for the next goal or target? The ABC of marketing are the foundations to everything, without them nothing will happen. However foundations only get you so far, so what are the building blocks.


The ABC of marketing







“Every company thinks of themselves of having a USP, but if everyone has something unique then the word doesn’t apply. So we must look further into differences between our ‘uniqueness’ – this is where points of differences come in to play.” Paul Lockton

So is market research all the same? No – but then we would say that. There are many methods of market research you can undertake through:

Opinion surveys – will tell you what was bought, why it was preferred, how it was chosen, and what user perceptions were of your brand – vital statistical intelligence for marketing, communications, and service managers.

Focus groups – Can give a invaluable incite into what customers thoughts and opinions are of a particular brand or service. They can be done before a campaign to gage how to market the campaign in the right way.

Telephone surveys – Telephone surveys can cover a high capacity of respondents in a short time. They are an excellent way of directly contacting your consumer to grasp thoughts and opinions.

Mystery Shopping – Mystery shopping is an excellent way to find out how well your service measures up. How customers perceive your service says much about your corporate philosophy and your staff training.

Customers come back for many reasons, they may even come back for reasons unknown to you – so isn’t it time to exploit that?